24 Hour Kiosk

What you can do at the Kiosk

Our kiosk is an amazing way to rent units, pay bills or reserve our storage after office hours! We know how difficult it can be to get a storage unit at the last minute, but now you have any easy way to do it. Fill out the information on our kiosk, get immediate access within gate hours, and then come into our office in the next 48 hours to sign your lease with our office staff!

    Benefits of our 24 Hour Kiosk

  • No worries about being late on bills by not making it into our office during our hours, you can make a payment at the kiosk using exact change, or any credit/debit card.
  • If you need a last minute storage unit, you can rent it and use it right away as long as you are entering during gate hours, 4:00 AM-7:45 PM.
  • The kiosk also has locks for purchase