1. Types of Self Storage Units

    October 3, 2011

    Individuals have the comfort of renting a storage unit to store belongings that have formed a clutter in one’s home or office. A self storage is a facility which can be used to store all sorts of goods from documents to boats on rent for a few days, weeks, months or years. They come with various features such as locking systems, full time security and climate controlled environment. There are different types of storage facilities available to meet different storage needs.

    Small storage units of cupboard size can be used to store documents and smaller items. Document storage is also available in the size of a room for those who do not have space in their offices to store their huge amounts of documents in file cabinets .Self storage can be used to store such valuable documents.

    A regular self storage unit is best fitted for business and personal goods that are not affected by climatic conditions. It offers great protection to one’s goods without being heavy on one’s wallet. Although the rates are low, the security measures are not discounted over here. More than often, consumers are offered an authorized key to access their belongings. No other individual except for the user will have access to the rented self storage unit.

    Climate controlled self storage units are in great demand as well. It’s almost similar to that of a regular storage unit except for the fact that it has tools to regulate the climate within the storage unit. Although resorting to a climate controlled unit may be a little expensive but one will be assured of added protection with the use of climate controlled self storage unit. As such, climate controlled units are best suited for those goods that needs protection against extreme humidity and dryness.

    Furniture storage units are usually the size of a standard room and are used to store antique furniture or items which cannot be used while moving to another location. Garage storage units are used for car storage. People can leave their cars in these self storage units and one does not have to worry about the car gathering dust or being damaged. Some garage units are available near airports so that cars can be left safely while people go out of town for a few weeks. Garage spaces big enough to store an RV are also available with many self storage companies. These are useful to those who own an RV but do not have a room for RV storage at home. The RV can be stored safely in self storage and can be taken out when in need. Similar spaces are also used for boat storage. Boat storage is often available near the port.

    With so many types of self storage available, it is no wonder they are becoming very popular. Most of these storage units have online websites. One can check out the details online before making a decision. Security, privacy, surveillance, reputation, cost, proximity etc. are all important factors to be considered. Prefer units that provide maximum security, climate control and that have a flexibleself storage rental agreement.

    Today, the world seems to be shrinking as people gather more and more possessions and yet they start living in smaller places. In all such situations, self storage units have become a helpful addition and are fast becoming a need for everyone.

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