1. Things to Examine Before Renting a Self Storage Unit

    January 5, 2012

    A precise observation inside the self storage is essential before hiring it. This gives you awareness of how well the facility is maintained and what are the various facilities available. Opting for the best storage will make the process and experience of using a storage unit satisfying for you.

    Here are the things to be examined before renting a store unit.

    Walk through the entire facility to have a clue of how well the facility is managed. Along with concentrating on the cleanliness of the units watch how the reception area, parking area, hallways, and the area around the storehouse have been maintained. Effective Storage Units make sure that their entire facility remains neat and clean which in turn keeps store units free from pests.

    Have a look inside the storage to check the services available. Check the various kinds of units available. When choosing store unit, you should examine the building material of the store unit, its dimensions, cleanliness, ventilation, and location, and also verify if it is weatherproof or not. Find out if the company provides packing and shelving supplies. One of the most challenging tasks in storing items inside the units is shifting and carrying those items from one place to another. Find out the facilities available inside self storage for the easy lifting and moving of objects. Elevator is a must if the store unit is located on the first or the second floor.

    If you are hiring the store unit for the safekeeping of car or boat, you should ask if the company has facilities for maintaining and storing of the cars and boats such as car washing, servicing, staff for cleaning and oiling the parts of the car or boat etc.

    Keenly inspect the security arrangements inside the storage units. Usage of CC cameras and door alarms is an important necessary, and you should hire a storehouse having these safety features. In addition, you should check how alert the security staff is. Check if anyone stops you from entering the storehouse premises. If nobody questioned you when entering the storehouse means the security is inactive, and you should not hire such storehouse .The storehouse should also be well lit. It should have durable and high fence walls. Fire standing equipment should be present at various locations.

    Examine the level of customer service provided. Did anybody wish you when you entered the storehouse, did the storehouse made arrangements for showing you the facility, how friendly the staff of the storehouse are. Are they helping the existing customers of the store unit? Also interact with the customers present inside self storage to get a feedback regarding the company.

    Once you are satisfied with the self storage units, you go ahead and check the rentals of the units, the price of the different services, and the terms and conditions of renting the unit. Find out if the company has facility for online payments; enquire the access timings, and ongoing discounts, if any. Also, specify which store unit do you want, for how long, and what additional services you want to hire.

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