1. How to Decide the Best Storage Size and Rates

    January 19, 2012

    Self Storage Units

    The question, what is the price of the self storage unit can be difficult to answer as there will be many different storage spaces with different prices. It is essential to determine the right size of storage unit for your needs. There are a few things that go into the size which you might not have thought of. First decide what you are putting into the storage space. If you only have boxes, you can go with a smaller unit. Also determine whether you need to get in and out of the unit regularly. If yes, you want to make sure to get a unit large enough to accommodate. It is also important to consider how long you need the self storage units. If you may need it for long term, go for bigger one, in case you want to add things later.

    There are many factors that go into why the self storage rates are different from facility to facility and space to space. The different reasons the prices might be different are convenience of location, facilities that benefit the customer, and of course the size of the space. A great location can greatly increase the self storage rates of that facility. For the store owner, the great location may mean higher land and building costs, which result in higher rent.

    In addition to that factor, people pay for comfort. Finding a facility that is on the way to everywhere you go is great. Sometimes you think about something you have in the store room that you need to get out. You will pay to such storage facilities that do not interrupt your everyday life.

    It has been proven that customers are looking for more than just price. If a storage facility discovers your true need for storing and finds the best secure self storage for you, you are likely to choose them. These things could be a computerized gate, security cameras, door alarms on every unit and maybe a conference room that anyone can use.

    When looking for the best self storage prices, you have to know what you are putting into the store room. You can’t get the best value on a space if you are unsure on what you are putting in there. Different sizes are given a different price and of course the bigger you get the more expensive it is. Whether it is a 5×5 space or a 10×10 space, you have to know what you want to store and the manager at the site can assist you with the correct space for your needs.

    When you are calling around looking for the bestself storage rates in your area, you have many things to consider. With the competitive market today, so many people are offering you a free month of storing or to move in for only a dollar. You can spend days and sometimes months trying to figure out where to put your belongings. That final decision is yours. Since most storage facilities will have a lease that goes month to month, you might be able to find a space that you need at a price that can make you smile.

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  2. Things to Examine Before Renting a Self Storage Unit

    January 5, 2012

    A precise observation inside the self storage is essential before hiring it. This gives you awareness of how well the facility is maintained and what are the various facilities available. Opting for the best storage will make the process and experience of using a storage unit satisfying for you.

    Here are the things to be examined before renting a store unit.

    Walk through the entire facility to have a clue of how well the facility is managed. Along with concentrating on the cleanliness of the units watch how the reception area, parking area, hallways, and the area around the storehouse have been maintained. Effective Storage Units make sure that their entire facility remains neat and clean which in turn keeps store units free from pests.

    Have a look inside the storage to check the services available. Check the various kinds of units available. When choosing store unit, you should examine the building material of the store unit, its dimensions, cleanliness, ventilation, and location, and also verify if it is weatherproof or not. Find out if the company provides packing and shelving supplies. One of the most challenging tasks in storing items inside the units is shifting and carrying those items from one place to another. Find out the facilities available inside self storage for the easy lifting and moving of objects. Elevator is a must if the store unit is located on the first or the second floor.

    If you are hiring the store unit for the safekeeping of car or boat, you should ask if the company has facilities for maintaining and storing of the cars and boats such as car washing, servicing, staff for cleaning and oiling the parts of the car or boat etc.

    Keenly inspect the security arrangements inside the storage units. Usage of CC cameras and door alarms is an important necessary, and you should hire a storehouse having these safety features. In addition, you should check how alert the security staff is. Check if anyone stops you from entering the storehouse premises. If nobody questioned you when entering the storehouse means the security is inactive, and you should not hire such storehouse .The storehouse should also be well lit. It should have durable and high fence walls. Fire standing equipment should be present at various locations.

    Examine the level of customer service provided. Did anybody wish you when you entered the storehouse, did the storehouse made arrangements for showing you the facility, how friendly the staff of the storehouse are. Are they helping the existing customers of the store unit? Also interact with the customers present inside self storage to get a feedback regarding the company.

    Once you are satisfied with the self storage units, you go ahead and check the rentals of the units, the price of the different services, and the terms and conditions of renting the unit. Find out if the company has facility for online payments; enquire the access timings, and ongoing discounts, if any. Also, specify which store unit do you want, for how long, and what additional services you want to hire.

    About Sav-On Storage-Sav-On Storage is a leading Self Storage and Rental Company in Chula Vista, San Diego providing Truck Trailer Rental & Self Storage Containers in Chula Vista with 15 different storage sizes to satisfy the customer’s storage needs. For more info visit www.savonstorage.com

  3. Portable Mini Storage-Advantages

    January 2, 2012

    Portable mini storage is one of the comfortable storage facilities available for short term storing requirements. A portable self storage is a storing unit that is distributed at the premises of the customer for storing belongings. It is convenient for the user to approach the unit and carry it along whenever he relocates to another town. One of the greatest advantages of portable self storage is that it reduces the need of loading and unloading the goods many times. Since these containers come to your premises, you do not have to travel with your articles to the storehouse. The benefits of these portable storing units are multiple.

    A mini storage that can be transported from one place to another is very comfortable to the user. It can be conveniently delivered at the door step of the customer. The user does not have to spend time and energy in trying to book a vehicle for carrying articles to a paid store. By using a portable self storage he is free from the trouble of transporting articles to a storehouse all by himself either driving or hiring a transport system. These storehouses are small in size and hence they are easily accommodated in a house or in the parking area of a house.

    Loading and unloading goods in a movable storehouse is very comfortable. If the storehouse is kept in the premises of the house, one can put articles in it whenever there is a storing need. People who are very busy find this very helpful as they can store the goods in the container according to their convenience. There is no need of loading the goods in a hasty. Once you have loaded the goods, the storeroom service will come to pick it up.

    A portable Self Storage is generally small in size and compact. It is designed to easily pack articles in small number of chambers rather than pack them all together in a big movable storehouse. An important advantage of the movable storehouse is that the items that are packed in it suffer less damage.

    These portable Self Storage Containers are weatherproof. So, the stored belongings are secure wherever you keep the portable container. If you require additional protection for your valuable goods, then you can go for a climate-controlled facility to store your container. Since these containers are properly packed, there is no possibility of rodents and pests entering the container.

    These services are useful for people shifting their home from one location to another. You can store your entire household items in these containers and the containers will be made available to your new destination whenever you need. Since it eliminates the need of hiring moving services, the cost of hiring portable units is lower than storeroom. If you hire mobile storage, you would not require labor for loading, unloading and handling of goods, which saves money.

    A portable Mini Storage gives protection that is necessary for keeping the articles in a good condition for a long time. These storehouses are very convenient to lodge because on an average, they are in the size of a car. They can be easily accommodated in parking places or in the lawns or any other suitable place, thus being one of the best storing options that are available.

    About Sav-On Storage-Sav-On Storage is a leading Self Storage and Rental Company in Chula Vista, San Diego providing Truck Trailer Rental & Self Storage Containers in Chula Vista with 15 different storage sizes to satisfy the customer’s storage needs. For more info visit www.savonstorage.com