1. Reasons for Renting a Self Storage Unit

    December 29, 2011

    Self Storage Unit

    With the rising demand for self storage services, it is now easy to find a reliable storing unit. Storage units are available at almost every corner of your city. There are number of reasons why you must consider renting these storage units. Comfort and quiet mind are the two greatest advantages that these services offer. With these units you not only get an easy access to your belongings, you also satisfaction, as you know that your belongings are stored in a safe and secure manner.

    Here are a few reasons why you may like to rent a place for safety of your equipments


    When you are moving or relocating to another place, renting a storeroom plays a vital role. If you are moving to a smaller home with lesser space, you may not be able to keep a few of your articles at your new home. It can be heavy furniture or other things that are too precious for you to sell. In such a situation you can’t even gift these items to your friends or relatives. If you want to keep such worthy stuff with you, a favorable way is to keep your items in a storage rental. It is very convenient and cost effective way to handle with these situations.


    When your home is going through some enhancements, you may have difficulty keeping all your things at your home. There is always a chance some of your belongings getting damaged because of the remodeling. Some of the goods that are probable to bear with damage include furniture sets, electronic equipment, documents, precious paintings, and art work. You can provide absolute safety protection to this stuff by storing them in a local self storage unit.

    Flexible Options

    One of the excellent things about these storage facilities is that they provide flexible service options. There are numerous alternatives available to you. For example, these units are available in different sizes, with different qualities. The charges vary too respectively. You are free to select the right size and features that best suit your specific needs. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that price should not be the only deciding factor. Choosing a smaller unit than required at a much lower price may look like a fruitful option, but that way, your goods will be at a higher risk of suffering damage. So, you must be very attentive while choosing the Moving Boxes, packaging materials, and storage unit sizes.

    Renting Self Storage Units is not only useful for homeowners it also brings a lot of advantages and comforts for your office and business. If you have more stuff at your office than the available room, it will be affecting your overall productivity. You can reduce or beat the mess by storing your things that you do not use on a daily basis, at a local Self Storage Rental. That will free up a lot of space in your office, which you can use more productively.

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  2. Moving Boxes for an Easy and Safe Move

    October 11, 2011

    Chula Vista Moving Boxes

    Moving is often an exciting time in one’s life. One of the biggest challenges associated with moving to a new home is safely transporting all of your belongings so that they do not get damaged in the moving process. This is especially important if you have a lot of breakable items. The type of moving boxes you choose to use will play a major role in whether or not your belongings arrive unharmed at your new home.

    One type of moving box you can use is a standard cardboard box. This type of moving box is suitable for items that are impossible to break such as clothes, towels and linens. Also, if you search at your local stores you can find cardboard boxes that you can use to ease your move. Now, durable cardboard boxes for shipping are much cheaper to purchase. Sturdy cardboard boxes and other types of shipping materials now come in a variety of sizes and price ranges to make sure that your moving experience is easier and hassle free. By grabbing extra boxes at your local grocery store, you will be able to save quite a bit of money when moving to a new home.

    Cardboard shipping boxes are the best way to go when you need boxes for moving. Make sure that you buy the right sizes. Going online to purchase the right size of cardboard shipping boxes will ensure that your belongings will arrive safely to the destination. Put the heavy objects in smaller boxes. Lighter objects can go in the bigger cardboard shipping boxes because they will be easier to lift. Along with cardboard boxes buy other cheap moving supplies that will protect your items. Bubble wrap and tape are also key elements when you decide to go forward with your move.

    Another type of moving box that is quite handy when moving to a new home is a plastic container. Unlike a cardboard box, plastic moving containers offer more protection for your belongings with their hard sides and top. If you have any valuable, fragile items during your move, you should place them in a plastic moving container so they are not damaged from the outside. Also, you will have to place some packaging material inside the container as well to keep your items from breaking each other.

    One more option you have when it comes to moving containers is using the services of a moving box rental company. If you do not have access to cardboard or plastic moving boxes, using the services of a moving box rental company will be in your best interest. Rather than go out and buy moving boxes for yourself, you can simply rent these items from a moving box rental company and save yourself some money. When you purchase your moving boxes you will be stuck with them after your move even if you have no need for them. However, if you rent your moving boxes you can have the same moving boxes without having to store them somewhere in your new home after you move.

    While cardboard boxes offer the cheapest method of shipping your items to your new home, plastic moving storage containers provide the most protection for your valuable items. If you do not have access to either of these moving boxes, you can always rent your moving boxes from a moving supplies company so that you do not have to find room to store the boxes you bought after you move. The right boxes for moving will help you and let you get on with your new life.

    About Sav-On Storage-Sav-On Storage is a leading Self Storage and Rental Company in Chula Vista, San Diego providing Truck Trailer Rental & Self Storage Containers in Chula Vista with 15 different storage sizes to satisfy the customer’s storage needs. For more info visit www.savonstorage.com

  3. Types of Self Storage Units

    October 3, 2011

    Individuals have the comfort of renting a storage unit to store belongings that have formed a clutter in one’s home or office. A self storage is a facility which can be used to store all sorts of goods from documents to boats on rent for a few days, weeks, months or years. They come with various features such as locking systems, full time security and climate controlled environment. There are different types of storage facilities available to meet different storage needs.

    Small storage units of cupboard size can be used to store documents and smaller items. Document storage is also available in the size of a room for those who do not have space in their offices to store their huge amounts of documents in file cabinets .Self storage can be used to store such valuable documents.

    A regular self storage unit is best fitted for business and personal goods that are not affected by climatic conditions. It offers great protection to one’s goods without being heavy on one’s wallet. Although the rates are low, the security measures are not discounted over here. More than often, consumers are offered an authorized key to access their belongings. No other individual except for the user will have access to the rented self storage unit.

    Climate controlled self storage units are in great demand as well. It’s almost similar to that of a regular storage unit except for the fact that it has tools to regulate the climate within the storage unit. Although resorting to a climate controlled unit may be a little expensive but one will be assured of added protection with the use of climate controlled self storage unit. As such, climate controlled units are best suited for those goods that needs protection against extreme humidity and dryness.

    Furniture storage units are usually the size of a standard room and are used to store antique furniture or items which cannot be used while moving to another location. Garage storage units are used for car storage. People can leave their cars in these self storage units and one does not have to worry about the car gathering dust or being damaged. Some garage units are available near airports so that cars can be left safely while people go out of town for a few weeks. Garage spaces big enough to store an RV are also available with many self storage companies. These are useful to those who own an RV but do not have a room for RV storage at home. The RV can be stored safely in self storage and can be taken out when in need. Similar spaces are also used for boat storage. Boat storage is often available near the port.

    With so many types of self storage available, it is no wonder they are becoming very popular. Most of these storage units have online websites. One can check out the details online before making a decision. Security, privacy, surveillance, reputation, cost, proximity etc. are all important factors to be considered. Prefer units that provide maximum security, climate control and that have a flexibleself storage rental agreement.

    Today, the world seems to be shrinking as people gather more and more possessions and yet they start living in smaller places. In all such situations, self storage units have become a helpful addition and are fast becoming a need for everyone.

    About Sav-On Storage-Sav-On Storage is a leading Self Storage and Rental Company in Chula Vista, San Diego providing Truck Trailer Rental & Self Storage Containers in Chula Vista with 15 different storage sizes to satisfy the customer’s storage needs. For more info visit www.savonstorage.com

  4. Tips on Filling the Moving Boxes Smartly while moving to San-Diego

    April 28, 2011

    Moving from one place to the other is the most tedious job. Apart from being tedious, it also takes a lot of time and is indeed, a difficult job to handle. But then all these things should not become a hindrance in your relocating from one place to the other. Understand that relocating to San Diego city is not an easy task to accomplish alone, and therefore, in most cases, choosing a good reliable residential mover or residential moving specialist, becomes a true necessity.

    There are number of moving companies which offer a variety of cheap moving boxes in all sizes to meet all the packing needs. With this in mind, it`s a very smart idea to organize moving boxes and pack them correctly before you load up and head to the big city. This can be challenging, but the truth is it will save you a lot of time, later which could be better spent exploring the sights.

    To get started, the first thing you`ll want to do is make sure your moving boxes are big and durable enough to accommodate your belongings. You`ll likely have to get some special moving boxes as well, to handle items such as books, breakables and other important belongings.

    Here`s a list of things you`ll need to go for along with your moving boxes:

    • Packing paper and bubbles for the breakables. These are as important on the moving supply list as the moving boxes themselves.
    • Packing tape. Don`t do what a lot of first-time movers do by trying to use regular tape to seal boxes. Your belongings are important to you, so they should be treated with care. A good packing quality tape will help keep the moving boxes sealed appropriately and will better protect your belongings.
    • Scissors. While most packing tape comes in rolls that self-cut, the truth is they can be a mess to deal with. A pair of scissors can cut through the hassle for you!
    • Marker or a good pen. You will have to clearly label all of your moving boxes to stop take the guesswork of figuring out what`s inside. The better you label the boxes, the less time you`ll spend unpacking them.With all your supplies in order, it`s a good idea to start packing the moving boxes one room at a time. That way when you arrive in San Diego City, you can make sure the boxes to go to the correct locations in your new house, loft or apartment.

    As you pack your moving boxes remember to do these things

    • Don`t make the moving boxes too heavy. You`ll regret it or your movers will.
    • Pack like things together. Don`t put a quarter of the contents of your kitchen in the boxes with the washroom supplies. This will just make unpacking the moving boxes more difficult later.
    • Remember to put heavy items on the bottom and lighter, more breakable ones on the top.
    • Be organized in your packing. The better you handle the packing of the moving boxes, the quicker you`ll be able to unpack them.

    Remember that residential moving involves a good amount of stress. Moving to San Diego City can be a real adventure. The better you prepare yourself before the move, the faster you`ll be able to get out and see what the city has to offer. To ensure a smooth, hassle-free and successful move, you should turn to a good relocation specialist moving company.