Vehicle Storage in Chula Vista, CA

Sav-On offers reliable, safe and secure parking spaces for vehicle storage. We’ve been in business since 1980, so we know the best ways to take care of you, with ground-level easy access and access hours every day of the week. We also have the capacity to store your boat, car or RV in a secure location.

Chula Vista RV Storage

Unless you drive a stretch Hummer limousine, RV’s are among the most difficult vehicles for which to find RV storage & parking. Odds are you don’t have a big enough driveway to park your precious RV, so feel free to leave it in our hands. We will watch over it for you like it’s one of our own.

At Sav-On, our Chula Vista storage property has the space and security to protect and store any type of RV. Your RV will be safe with us, and our location will let you come pay it a visit anytime you like. Whether you plan on keeping your RV with us for one week or several years, we can accommodate your wishes.

Parking Spaces in Chula Vista, CA

We understand how important it is for you to store your RV or boat at a place that’s clean and secure. Sav-On offers parking spaces for long-term RV and boat storage, with two different sizes available to serve every need:

Gain peace of mind that your RV or boat is in good hands are easily accessible when you want to use it.

Car Storage

Preparing for a long trip out of town? With our car storage options, you can store your car safely short or long term. At Sav-On Storage, you have two car storage options to choose from:

In either case, you’ll have peace of mind that your car will be in good hands until you’re ready to drive away in it. Call for a car storage parking space today.

Chula Vista Boat Storage

Owning a boat is one of life’s great achievements, but finding a place to keep it is a whole different story. Whether you use your boat for fishing on a lake or cruising through the ocean, it’s tricky to find a place to put it when you’re not off on an adventure. Unless you have ample driveway space or want to put a boat in your yard, you need to find a secure location to store your precious boat. From sailboats to speedboats, our large Chula Vista boat storage property has plenty of space to keep your boat out of harm’s way. The simplicity of our boat parking area makes it easy and inexpensive for you to keep your boat with us. Come take it for a spin whenever you feel the urge.

Convenience and safety are the most important aspects of a good boat storage company. Along with a proven track record for safety, our entire storage property is on the ground level for optimal convenience. No stairs, lifts or elevators are necessary. Since 1980, Sav-On’s Chula Vista boat parking has been the neighborhood choice. Call today for vehicle storage in Chula Vista.