1. Helpful Self-Storage Tips for Efficient Moving

    May 30, 2011

    Are you getting tired of compressing the items inside your home and wanted to reduce the mess without sacrificing some of your valuable belongings? No matter how well you manage your home or office space, chances are that you have some goods that unnecessarily take up valuable space in your home or office. To take care of this, Self Storage facility offers complete storage solutions for all your storing needs, whether you want to store your seasonal stuff, electronic goods or family antiques.After choosing a well suited self-storage facility all you need to do is to pack your belongings. As you start packing items to move to your self storage unit, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you can optimize your storage space. An empty storage unit may look huge but can fill up very quickly and inefficiently if you don’t follow a few simple procedures.

    • Always visit the Storage facility in person and check the exact size of the unit. Also, by consulting the storehouse manager you can get the exact idea of how best you can utilize the available size. If you are still doubtful about the size of the unit, prepare a list of items that are to be stored inside the storage units and take the advice of storehouse professionals on the correct size of the unit that you should go for.
    • Always buy good quality Moving Boxes and other packing materials. Also, if you buy boxes of similar sizes, they would be easier to stack and provide more safety to the goods stored.
    • Also, check with the self storage facility for the prohibited goods that are not allowed to be stored inside the units.
    • Have blankets, draperies and out of season clothing cleaned, then pack them right on the hanger in a wardrobe box.
    • Pack books flat, not standing on end (which may cause damage to the spines). Books are extremely heavy so don’t pack too many in one box.
    • Drain gasoline and oil from lawn mowers and other items with small engines.
    • If you’re storing tables and other furniture, remove legs and disassemble to conserve storage space.
    • Old photographs tend to curl over time. To keep them flat, place them between two pieces of cardboard and tape them together.
    • Store items you’ll need most often at the front of the unit.
    • Never over pack boxes. Overfilled boxes will rupture and topple when stacked.
    • Clean and dry appliances. Keep refrigerator doors slightly open and use the space inside these items for additional storage.
    • Leave out a space in the center of the unit so that it becomes easy to move around while accessing the goods.
    • If you are going to store your vehicles in car storage or RV storage, do all the required servicing before moving them into a self storage facility.
    • Treat all your metal goods such as bicycles, skiing sets, cabinets etc. with rust protector before storing them inside garage storage unit.

    Before moving or packing of goods forSelf Storage Units, make a plan as to how you are going to arrange your goods inside the unit. This would save a lot of time. For the safety of your goods, it is necessary to pack them properly. Following all these points will definitely help you find and make use of the best self-storage space for your needs and readily find your stored items when you need them.

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